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FAQ's - Kona Grill Mats

Common Questions

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 What is a BBQ Grill Mat?

 - A BBQ grill mat is a grill topper made of PTFE (Yes, PFOA Free) that is placed directly over your grill grates to create a non-stick cooking surface.

 - They can be easily cleaned, still transfers grill marks and keeps your grill clean in the process. 

 - Not all grill mats are created the same! Some popular grill mats are 1/4 the thickness of a piece of paper, making them practically disposable.


Why would you grill with a BBQ Grill Mat?

Kona Grill mats make grilling much more forgiving. It's harder to burn or overcook grilled foods. Plus, meats stay juicy and tender. No babysitting required. 

 And of course, you have the benefit of not losing smaller items through the grill grates. Have you ever had grilled eggs? Now you can.


Are Kona BBQ Grill Mats Safe To Use?

  - Yes! These have been tested extensively and have been approved by the FDA for use.


The Directions State To Keep 7" From Heat Source. That Is My Warming Rack, Please Advise?

Do Not Place In Direct Contact With Flames. A typical flame is 3500 Degrees F !!!

  - Natural gas or propane grills:

Place Kona grill mats directly on the grates and go. Assuming your grill is in normal operating condition there are no issues at all here. 

  - Charcoal grills:

After the coals have ashed over (no open flames) and are ready for use, please knock down the pile of charcoal to form a single or double layer of red-hot coal. Place grill rack to the highest level and use as normal.


 My Grill Mat Has Rough Spots On It... Has Frayed Edges... Stuck Together... Is Wearing Away... ?

Contact us immediately using the form on this website or email us at marketing@konabbqgrillmat.com . For any of these situations to occur, the Kona grill mat is being exposed to temperatures of 1000 degrees or more! If the answers here are not helping your situation, we will do all we can to advise you and get you back to grilling with Kona Grill Mats in no time.


My Kona Grill Mat Is Too Big For My Grill. Can I Cut Them With Scissors?

Yes! Cutting your grill mats with sharp scissors to fit your grill, warming rack, microwave, baking sheets, etc. is recommended.


Can I Use A Scrubbing Pad or Steel Wool To Clean My Gill Mats?

No, we do not recommend cleaning with abrasive tools. In fact, there is no need too. If you have marinades or sauces that have carbonized on your grill mat, simply place under warm running water for 30 seconds, then wipe with a soapy dishrag or dish brush. All of that mess will come off easily.

Or, just put your grill mat in the dishwasher!

Please, do not scrape with metal spatulas! There is no need.


My Grill Marks Are Too Light... ?        My Grill Marks Are Too Dark...?

Grill marks are a function of heat and time. So, if you grill marks are too light, with or without a BBQ grill mat, you will have to turn up the heat and/or allow the food to remain still for a longer period of time. Do not constantly move the items around. 

If your grill marks are too dark, or you are completely searing the meat rather than leaving marks, then you will need to turn the heat down some. Most of the heat transfer will occur directly above the grill grates, but at very high temperatures the heat differentiation is diminished with grill mats and you end up cooking the items more evenly.


Recipe Ideas?

Get the Aloha! Grill Book 

Like Our Facebook Page "I Love To Grill" for great recipe ideas. 


Need Warranty Assistance?

Email our exceptional customer service team at support@nicklesarcade.com and we will get you back up and grilling in no time flat!


Limited Warranty

Kona warrants that under normal use and service and when used in accordance with specifications supplied by Kona, the Products will be of merchantable quality. Normal wear and tear are expected and is not covered. If the original purchaser experiences any manufacturing-related service issues with the product during the stated period of time, it may return the product to Kona’s United States location and Kona will repair or replace such item. Each party shall pay its own shipping costs associated with the shipment of the products. Any Product found to be defective within 4 weeks of delivery will be replaced by Kona at no cost (including shipping). If any Products do not comply with such warranty, Kona will, at its option and expense, correct, repair, or replace any defective Products provided, that, in all such cases that sufficient evidence is produced by the original purchaser to establish that the Products are defective. KONA MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS AND ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY AND SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED.
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